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More about Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness meditation teaches you how to be in touch with your emotions and learn more effectively how to regulate them. Simply explained, mindfulness meditation teaches you emotional intelligence. Mindfulness meditation enables us to harness our thoughts and feelings, as well as recognize emotions in others. Mindfulness meditation is perfected through practice. Like with any muscle, the more we exercise, the stronger the muscle becomes. Mindfulness is synonymous with awareness. Multiple studies show that increased awareness makes us more productive and enables us to make better choices.

Mindfulness meditation can actually change brain gray matter and brain regions linked to memory, the sense of self, and the regulation of emotions. Scientific research demonstrates numerous benefits of mindfulness meditation on physical and mental well-being:

The practice of mindfulness meditation increases our ability to utilize our awareness so we can live being fully present; and channel purposely our attention to the energy that is life in us and around us, ever present and flourishing.

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